Architects Registration Board (ARB) is the body established under the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects Law No. 1 of 1976 as Amended by Act No,14 of 1996 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to make legal provisions for qualified persons to Practice the Profession of Architecture in Sri Lanka.

Those who have qualified in the field of Architecture with the Qualifications recognized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) and who wish to practice the Profession of Architecture  should register with  the Architects Registration Board annually.

Particulars of such registrants are published annually by two Extraordinary Gazettes of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka published in January and July each year.

The Registrants of the ARB who are eligible to practice the Profession of Architecture in Sri Lanka for the particular period are provided with an Official Rubber Stamp (Seal) and only such registrants are eligible to use the Seal  issued by the ARB

Registration Procedure....

Functions and Powers vested upon the ARB(8 B of Act. No 14 of 1996)


  • To Register persons qualified,  under this Law  as Chartered Architects, or Architects or Architectural Licentiates  and to maintain and publish, a register of Chartered Architects, Architects  and Architectural Licentiates ;

  • To suspend, cancel or restore such registration, in accordance with the provisions of this Law;